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Super Robot Daizenshu : UFO Robot Grendizer ~ PRE ORDER ONLY ~

¥39,800 (Sold out)

Delivery end July 2018

Manufactured as how the big plastic toys were done during the 70s for a unique design, UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER by Go Nagai is the first model to be release in a new line of super robot toys by HL PRO called " SUPER ROBOTS DAIZENSHU ", all figures are 50 Cm tall, mounted on wheels, and are equipped with punching fists. Not only collectors, the super robot daizenshus are great decoration pieces marking the pre booming era of the japanese animation all over the world.

-Shoulder blades are detachable and can be mounted on 2 provided harken sticks, the 2 sticks can then be inserted in grendizer's fists.
-The arms of grendizer are equipped with a spring mechanism to simulate a punch action
-Wheels equipped feet
-4 see through removable stickers to decorate the waist area

! the retro color edition with blue arms, waist and legs is only existing in limited numbers / total 500 pcs.  

Size : 50 Cm
Material: polyethylene, pvc, stickers (waist logo)
Weight 660 Gr
Made in China

We will ship within 10 working days at the end of July 2018 by EMS (japan post)
We do not accept any refund/cancellation


!  Age 14+
! This product is not a toy, but a collector item for adult