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Metaltech 09 die cast IZENBORG ship ~PRE ORDER~

¥14,800 (Sold out)

Official Izenborg product

Metaltech 09 Izenborg comes with the following parts;

1 16 cm die cast Izenborg ship.
1 Izenborg logo decorated base.
1 exchangeable caterpillar track part for Izenborg tank mode.
Rotating wings and tail.

[ Dinosaur War Izenborg (US Title: Attack of the super monsters)
Produced by Tsuburaya productions in 1977, this 39 episodes TV show is part of what became the trademark of the company, releasing ‘suitmation tokusatsu’ series.
The main plot of Izenborg is about the conflict between intelligent dinosaurs living underground and Humans, as the dinosaur empire wants to rule to world once more and reclaim the earth’s surface. In order to protect Humanity, a special team called ‘D-Force’ is created, using a tank like vehicle as main weapon. The 2 main heroes, enhanced using cybernetic technology after a near fatal injury, can then combined with the vehicle and form the ultimate weapon, the giant ‘Aizenborg’. ]

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