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KOTETSU JEEG : CYBORG HIROSHI ~ 9 Inch vinyl figure collection

¥8,980 (Sold out)

Kotetsu Jeeg : Cyborg Hiroshi 9Inch Vinyl figure

Vinyl figure of the main hero from the manga series KOTETSU JEEG by  the famous super robot creator GO NAGAI.

This figure is showing Hiroshi Shiba in its second transformation cybor form before changing and becoming Kotetsu jeeg.
This collectible is done in 9inch scale (~23 cm). compatible with all other HL PRO  already released characters in the same collection, including the HIROSHI SHIBA in casual wear edition.

Size :        23 cm
Material : Vinyl & PVC
UPC :       4589504961544
made in china

Adult collector grade, not suitable for children (14+)

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